The Effects of DUI Before You Hire a DUI Attorney Los Angeles

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3 May

The Effects of DUI Before You Hire a DUI Attorney Los Angeles

Contrary to popular belief, a driving under the influence or DUI charge is a very serious event. This is especially true in a city like Los Angeles and even in the entire Southern California area wherein driving is an important part of a person’s everyday life. It is very common for most people to assume that a DUI is nothing serious and is just another ordinary traffic violation. But the truth is, it as serious as other crimes, with penalties carrying a heavier price tag and burden to your personal and professional life. This is what makes it imperative to hire the best DUI attorney Los Angeles who can help you entangle yourself from this legal mess.

How Does DUI Affect Your Life?

DUI can affect the life of a Southern Californian in more ways than one. The very nature of infrastructure in Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California requires you to have a personal vehicle for transportation compared to when you are living in other metropolitan areas. Due to the city’s size, Southern Californians also have to commute longer distances than other cities, which put them in more instances wherein they have to make the judgment if they can drive after they consume alcoholic beverages and consequently put other drivers in higher risk of encountering drunk drivers. This is why local law enforcement agencies highly prioritize reprimanding drunk drivers.

When a driver has been convicted of DUI in Los Angeles, its penalties can have lasting and great effects on the person charged with the offense. A DUI offender, for one, is going to face criminal charges. Conviction in criminal court might impose a sentence which involves jail time, drug programs, alcohol programs, Cal Trans work, community service and others. The decision of the court will depend on the circumstances of the case. This conviction made by the criminal cord is going to appear on the criminal record of the defendant.

A DUI case is going to affect your driver license privileges. Another hearing conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is going to determine whether or not they will place restrictions on the defendant’s driver’s license. After they review the evidence and check the arresting officer’s testimony, the DMV can choose to leave the license in tact with no restrictions, revoke or suspend it for a specific amount of time or make the defendant’s license restricted only to allow one to drive to and from work.

Free Yourself from Effects of DUI

DUI cases will also have serious financial burdens and even employment of the person involved. Driving under the influence can indeed have a lot of impact on a person. This is why it is for one’s best interest to consult and hire an experienced DUI Attorney Los Angeles. A knowledge Los Angeles DUI layer will be able to help dismiss your case when the circumstances are there or reduce the possible infractions and charges on your license, which will then save you more money and time in the long run.