Alternatives for Filing Bankruptcy

26 Sep

Alternatives for Filing Bankruptcy

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Unfortunately, bankruptcy is often considered a way to get out of debt; to help individuals get their heads above water when they seem to be drowning in debt. The truth is that it should be considered only a last resort. Bankruptcy stays on an individual’s credit report for years, and can make it very difficult to obtain financing for quite literally anything. Learn how to easily find alternatives for filing bankruptcy. Get in touch with some professional litigation lawyers in Brisbane and get satisfied services.

Look into Government Grants

Every single year, our government puts aside millions of dollars for government grants which are then given to individuals for a number of reasons, from starting a business to attending college. They’re superior to loans because government grants do not have to be paid back. Since many individuals end up filing for bankruptcy because they’ve had to use money for emergencies, college, home repairs or similar things, government grants may help alleviate the need to file bankruptcy.

Determine the Need

Rather than spending money that’s not really there, individuals should consider the different things they need and whether a government grant would help. For instance, rather than making emergency repairs to a home that has been damaged due to a natural disaster, individuals can apply for help from FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. By considering the different things they need, individuals will know what kinds of grants to look for.

Check out Housing Programs

For individuals who need housing, HUD or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development can help. They offer low interest to no interest loans as well as different kinds of grants that can help with down payments and other things.

Apply for Financial Aid to Attend College

Rather than scraping together every last dime they have, individuals can apply for financial aid and grants to attend college. The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the best place to start, available in both high school guidance counselors’ offices and online at FAFSA.

Contact the Small Business Administration

Individuals who need money to start or expand a business should contact the SBA or the Small Business Administration. This administration is highly reputed and can help individuals get loans or grants that will help them take their businesses to new heights.

Search for General Grants

For grants that don’t fall within the categories above, a helpful website is This website contains an up to date listing of government grants of all kinds. Individuals can search for specific types of grants using keywords, and then check the details of the listed grants to determine whether or not they will be eligible. Applications are available on this site as well, so individuals can get everything they need in one spot. This website should be book marked so individuals can check back often, as new grants are posted and older grants are removed.

When individuals pause to consider their needs, it’s very possible that they can find a government or organization grant that will cover their needs. This will eliminate the need to use money that is really unavailable, forcing them to end up filing bankruptcy in the future.